Finger-Lickin’ Good

It’s hot, juicy, and just too deliciously bad for you to pass up. We’re talking about fried chicken, but we could just as easily be referring to pornography. And thanks to the gleefully naughty minds at the Upper Eastside Garden, the two decadent delights are coming together in a monthly display of debauchery. You know you can’t wait to gorge on Chicken n’ Porn, you naughty, naughty thing.

“We just wanted to do something different and fun. We do a lot of kids’ programming, so we wanted to counterbalance that with something fun for adults,” explains owner Peter Rozek. Every last Friday of the month, the artsy putt-putt golf entertainment complex will serve up greasy meat on a plate and on a screen in the chic upstairs lounge. The event begins at 10 p.m., so you can work up a sweat with some minigolf beforehand. Throughout the summer, the end of the month is proving to be the perfect excuse to party at the UEG. Following the big-screen bangin’ this eve will be Saturday’s monthly ANR at UEG Barbecue, where Michael John Hancock, of indie electrorock outfit Awesome New Republic, hosts an evening of live music, Arnold Schwarzenegger films, and free Grolsch beer. It’s goin’ down at the UEG this weekend. Visit for details on these and other fun events.
Fri., June 27, 2008


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