Film Frenzy

March is perhaps the most exciting time to be a film buff in Miami. The Miami International Film Festival (MIFF), now in its 30th year, begins its ten-day run of screenings, seminars, and special events this Friday. (See page *TK for more on MIFF.) And that’s just the beginning of Miami Film Month, extending the movie madness all the way through March 31. MIFF is bringing dozens of high-profile movie premieres to South Florida. But when it’s over, film nerds still have reason to celebrate. Flash a Miami Film Month pass, available for free at the Miami Film Month website, and local art houses will offer you their discounted members-only admission prices. Those passes also unlock free popcorn at participating theaters. So after Miami’s movie junkies break their budgets on scores of film screenings during MIFF, they can continue visiting their favorite theaters on the cheap for the rest of March. Visit
March 1-31, 2013


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