Filly Stakes

Sat 4/26

In a culture enslaved to the concept of the superlative, halls of fame have proliferated at an alarming rate in recent times. Even horse tracks like Calder Race Course (21001 NW 27th Ave.) boast them. This Saturday the speedy Florida-bred Chaposa Springs and her trainer Marty Wolfson will be inducted. For a spell in the mid-Nineties, seemingly no filly or mare could touch the bay at distances up to seven furlongs, as she reeled off a skein of victories in stakes and handicap races. Based at Calder, she won a dozen stakes races in three years, ultimately retiring with fourteen career victories. Calder had honored her even before her Hall of Fame selection by naming a handicap race in her honor. Get misty with Marty during winner's circle ceremonies for the hall's new members after the second race. Admission is two dollars. Call 305-625-1311.--By Michael Yockel

Sat 4/26

Mad Midgets Brawl

Little people have always been evil. Remember Napoleon? The drunken munchkins? Gary Coleman? The Bloody Midgets are keeping the bad seed alive with blood-soaked wrestling and boxing bouts. In their nationwide Rok 'Um Sok 'Um Tour, the midgets body-slam politically correct mannerisms and exploit the freakishness of their being. The Bloodies' leader, a four-foot four-inch brawler named Puppet, relishes flinging his body through the air and posing bloody with maniacal nightmarish eyes. Catch him live at 10:00 p.m. at South Beach's Billboardlive (1500 Ocean Dr.). Tickets cost $20. Call 305-532-2360. -- Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Sat 4/26

Growing Japanese Gold

Sentencing your pet fish to life in a bowl is torturous to the poor fishy. Why not build him a watery paradise? For those interested in keeping a school of colorful Japanese koi, fish farmer Paul Radice is leading a workshop in how to raise these beautiful creatures. Radice breeds the beauties at Angel Hatchery in Homestead. In fact, he says, raising this exotic fish is more than a hobby, it's a Japanese art form. Though they can grow up to a menacing three feet in length, koi are not aggressive and can live about 100 years. Radice will teach you how to create the proper pond environment to keep your koi happy. The workshop begins at 10:00 a.m. at Fruit & Spice Park, 24801 SW 187th Ave., Homestead. Registration costs $15. Call 305-248-7777.--Patti Roth


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