Fifty Shades of Marlins

No, it’s not the 50 shades of rainbow colors splashing across the baseball team’s new uniforms. It’s the soft-core porn novel that the Washington Nationals, who will face off against the Miami Marlins this Wednesday, are allegedly perusing in the dugout. According to the Washington Post sports blog, the Nats really dig the so-called literary sensation Fifty Shades of Grey and have taken to reading passages of it to each other. There is photographic and video evidence. We hope this means the players will keep their noses in the book and their heads out of the game against the Fish this week. Earlier this month, the Nats sent the Marlins home from D.C. with three losses in four games, so our hometown team could use a little redemption. Wednesday’s game is a promotional day, with a Giancarlo Stanton bobblehead waiting for the first 15,000 fans inside. Wednesday also marks Puerto Rican Heritage Night.
Wed., Aug. 29, 7:10 p.m., 2012


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