Feel the Spirit

By day, Uva 69 is an alfresco delight, offering an impressive and delicious selection of salads, paninis, and tapas that would impress the choosiest gourmand. By night, the joint is jumpin’ with music, potent cocktails, delicious dinners, and a wonderfully eclectic mix of funky locals who know how to have a good time. Sunday nights are extra-special at this artsy neighborhood joint. That’s when Axé Lounge takes over, transforming the bustling restaurant into a groovy experience that will recharge your spiritual batteries for the week to come.

Axé means “blessings and good vibes” in Portuguese. To manager and host Geo Darder, it also has a personal meaning. “For me, the Axé Lounge is the beginning of the week. What better way to begin than by blessing and cleansing the place and the people I love with a party like this?” Darder -- who is also a santero -- spends the evening greeting customers, offering cleansings to those who seek them, and creating a convivial ambiance. Djinji Brown mans the turntables and keeps the crowd dancing with music from the Jungle Brothers, Rick James, Celia Cruz, and Fela Kuti, while a live drummer pounds out an infectious beat. Mojitos are just seven bucks, but the atmosphere of this eclectic event is priceless. Call 305-754-9022, or visit www.uva-69.com. Learn more about Axé Lounge at www.axelounge.com.
Sundays, 2007


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