Fatboy Slims

When Teo Castellanos donned numerous hats and accents in his 2002 one-man production, NE 2nd Avenue, he broke barriers all over the place. Not only did he wow the city with his humorous take on Miami characters, but also he placed himself front and center on the local theater stage. First commissioned by the Miami Light Project, Castellanos brought his unique voice to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where his work won the top prize, the Fringe First Award. Castellanos is back with Fat Boy, one of the inaugural performances at Miami Light’s new space in the Light Box at the Goldman Warehouse. On Thursday at 8 p.m., the actor/performer/director and his D-Projects troupe will premiere a hybrid work. It’s a tale of, let’s see, American hegemony, world poverty, want and greed, and urban realities, all set to a dancehall rhythm soundtrack (DJ Le Spam is one of the main composers). This time Castellanos will share the stage with Miami Light Project members Rudi Goblen, Lethal, Lego, and Dahs, who will mix it up with dance, text, and some genuinely great moves. And the huge, slate-colored revamped space is something to see in its own right.
June 2-3, 8 p.m., 2011


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