Fashion Turbans: Trendy or Tragic?
Carrie in Sex and the City 2

Fashion Turbans: Trendy or Tragic?

All fashion trends fall under three categories. There's the (1) anyone-can-pull-it-off trend: think jewel tones or leopard pumps. (2) the some-people-can-pull-it-off trend: bangs and skinny jeans. Then there's (3) the ever illusive well-it's-kinda-kooky-but-maybe-I-can-pull-it-off trend. The truth is, no you can't. These trends are so out there that they only make sense on the fictional Carrie Bradshaw or the mousy Mary-Kate Olsen. Exhibit A: the turban.

One can assume that this has only even become a trend because Carrie

donned one in Sex and the City 2 earlier this year. Fast-forward a

season or two and we're seeing people like Salma Hayek wearing one. Memo

to the actress of Frida-fame: No, not even the silliness of that turban

on your head will keep our eyes off your rack. So please, do us all a

favor and remove it from your closet.

It worked for Carrie because she was in the Middle East. It worked for

Mary-Kate because let's face it, the girl always looks like a bag lady

so what difference does it make if the rag is on her head or around her

waist? Why doesn't it work for the average girl (or even A-list

actress)? It looks like a costume straight out of Aladdin. With this

year's outbreak of harem pants, we think one genie-in-a-bottle look is


--Rebecca Salgado


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