Fancy Foodie Classes

Ten-hut! For-ward, march! OK, recruits, the Gables' ultraposh Biltmore Hotel doesn't host that kind of boot camp — more like a Christian Louboutin camp for aspiring foodies. It's the hotel's culinary boot camp: three days of intensive instruction in how to feed yourself like a chef instead of a pusher of buttons on the microwave. If you already have some culinary chops and want to punch them up to the next level, enlist in the coming boot camp — Friday through Sunday, June 3 through 5. It will cost you $450 for the classes, $1,740 for a three-day stay, plus two meals a day and $300 worth of ancillary stuff. Of course, for almost two grand, you could buy a real pair of Christian Louboutins.
June 3-5, noon, 2011


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