Face It, There’s No Better Option

Finally! The Dolphins won their first game! Now that their pursuit of anti-perfection is over, it’s officially time for South Florida sports fans to get passionate about their Panthers. And there’s plenty to root for: The Cats have at least one bona fide superstar in Olli Jokinen, and they might actually make the playoffs. Blocking their way this week are the Montreal Canadians, sure to bring quite a few of their rabid fans to town along with them.

Yes, those Rush-loving, French-speaking hockeyphiles travel hard for their boys, and we could stand to learn an important lesson from that: how to tilt home ice in the Panthers’ favor. See, the BankAtlantic Center often gets too quiet at crucial moments during Panthers contests. Our team would be much less likely to continue the pattern of losing the lead late in the game if we could just focus all of that bottled-up sports frustration and fire a laser of pure hatred at the opposing team. So come help Jokinen and crew take on Saku Koivu’s Canadiens tonight at 7:30.
Fri., Dec. 28, 7:30 p.m., 2007


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