Extremities at Main Street Playhouse through August 14

Perp becomes victim in the Main Street Players' production of this taut, intense play about a young woman who turns the tables on a would-be rapist. After a man tries to attack and sexually assault her in her own home, she fights back and ties the assailant to her fireplace. She then serves her own brand of vigilante justice, torturing the man and threatening to kill him. When her two roommates walk in on her, the story shifts from a tale of vengeance to an examination of victimization, crime, punishment, and violence. As the young woman explains why she's doing this to her attacker, her roommates begin to doubt her rationale. All the while, the assailant holds a few cards up his sleeve that turn everything upside down. Fast paced and filled with brutality and tension, Extremities sheds light on controversial and sensitive issues while probing the psyche of victims and asking tough questions about human nature and where one draws the line between justice and revenge.


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