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Caribbean and Latin American immigrants have left an indelible mark on Miami -- from the cigar shops in Little Havana to the parillas in Westchester. Just about every country south of the Tropic of Cancer is represented in the 305, but there is one nation that has kept a low profile in our melting pot, a place similar to Miami, with bilingual denizens and multiculturalism: Paraguay, the navel of South America.

Those who would like to experience more of this mysterious land can do so tonight at the Tower Theater. In celebration of the 470th birthday of Asunción (Paraguay’s capital), singer and guitarist Fito Espinola will take the stage for the Paraguayan Nights concert. His upbeat flamenco-pop and Latin rhythms will shine new light on the acoustic guitar. Yes, you can actually dance to it! Local musicians Orlandito Contreras, Eugenio Leon, Monzerrat Franco, and David Portillo will also join him. The event begins at 8:00.
Sat., Aug. 11, 8 p.m.


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