Everyone’s Racing

Super-cycler Lance Armstrong is returning to the Tour de France this year to go for his eighth win and he’s voiced his concerns about overzealous fans who may try to harm him while he’s cycling in his one-balled glory. If we were up for a 2,200-mile ride, walk, or drive we’d be concerned about our achy knees, who would entertain us, and how we could cheat. But we’re no Lance, and we’re guessing you aren’t either. So start your marathon career out slow with the Palmetto Bay Holiday Run. The good folks at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of South Florida are setting the course for both kids and adults to test their endurance while enjoying the winter breeze on Palmetto Bay. Choose the 5k and we’ll give you props, but if you try out the 10k we’ll be forced to admit that you have Lance-sized cojones when it comes to the joggery.

And if you want to test your own skills on two wheels, join the cool kids at Saturday’s Critical Mass ride. Everyone’s meeting up at 10 a.m. at Government Center (111 NW First St., Miami) and heading to the City of Miami limits. Visit criticalmass.meetup.com to reserve your spot.
Sat., Dec. 13, 2008


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