A less-yellow, less-creepy picture of ol' Dan boy.
A less-yellow, less-creepy picture of ol' Dan boy.

Everyday Hustlin, a Look at Miami Artists' Day Jobs: Daniel Reskin

"Where my money? I need, I need, I need cash!" - Rick Ross. Maybe

Rick Ross wasn't singing about the everyday grind of paying bills. But

there once was a young Rick Ross, who struggled to find a way to balance

his creative ambitions and cash flow. In "Everyday Hustlin'," we talk

with Miami artists about their day jobs.

Daniel Reskin is a Miami stand-up comic, writer, and waiter. Born and raised in the 305, everyday he struggles to find meaning and parking spaces. He hosts one of the longest running independent stand-up showcases in Miami, Casa de Ha-ha, every second Tuesday of the month at Sweat Records.

New Times: What job do you have to pay the bills?
Daniel Reskin: I am a servant -- er, server at a fairly fancy Miami dining establishment.

Does it help or hurt your art?
Being a waiter is performing six shows at once to very small audiences. Reading their often confused faces and dynamically gauging their needs. Plus there's a staff full of endearing characters who would love to come out to your shows. Or at least endlessly tell you that.

What is the best thing about having a day job? Worst?
Best - it keeps you in the real world, or some version of it.
Worst - The version of it is the hospitality industry.

How bad/good are you at your day job?
I'm a damn fine waiter, and a good one when I'm not trying. I'll ask the questions you didn't realize were important, I'll tell you the Cajun chicken sandwich is really just boring, and I can stack plates and bus a six-top in one go.

Have you ever blurred the lines of your day job and dream job?
There is no way I won't be creating a major work in my career devoted to how gashdurn endearing the hospitality industry is. Sarcasm mildly aside, I do love it.

Have you planned your exit (F-you F-you, you're cool, I'm out...sort of thing)?
A badass exit would be cool, but when you walk out mid-shift it messes up the other poor shlubs and not the boss-types you're trying to stick it to. Mine involves a ninja smoke bomb escape and trained racoons.

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