Everybody Loves Chris

Somewhere between his dramatic turn as crackhead Pookie in New Jack City and his creation of the hilarious CW hit Everybody Hates Chris, the world had to admit Chris Rock is a damn good actor, writer, and, of course, comedian. He gets us giggling when he talks about anything from George Bush to keeping his daughter from swinging around a stripper pole. And who can forget Rock’s hilarious video for “No Sex (In the Champagne Room)”? He does comedy that’s smart, relatable, explicit, honest, and oh so funny, and Tuesday he’s bringing all that and more to the Seminole Hard Rock.

We know, he was just here in February, but having a sold-out crowd rolling in the aisles means South Florida deserves a helluva encore. So at 8 p.m., he’ll rock his signature strut all the way to center stage. Maybe he’ll jump right into it; maybe he’ll wait until the applause has reached a fevered pitch. Either way, you should expect to laugh your ass off.
Tue., July 1, 2008


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