Everybody Loves a Riesling

Although there’s some dispute over the origin of Riesling grapes, there’s no arguing that they make great wine. That’s why so many regions have tried to claim the grape as their own. Germany, Alsace, and Austria are all recognized for their excellent Rieslings, each as distinct in flavor as the settings from where they’re derived. The varieties can be dry and crisp or sweet enough to be dessert wines, making them popular in all parts of the world. Even Australia has been cultivating Riesling since the 1800s, creating its own floral, citrus-touched version.

Don’t worry if your passport has expired; you can taste a range of Rieslings here in South Florida at Rieslings from Around the Globe. Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe is hosting the event and will pour samples from Australia, Austria, and Germany. The store is known for its support of small growers and family-run vineyards. For $20 you’ll get a Riedel glass to use and take home and a $10 credit toward any purchase made tonight. The swirling starts at 7:00. Call 305-445-4567, or visit www.wolfeswines.com.
Fri., Aug. 18, 7 p.m.


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