Eve of Construction

SAT 11/14

Not to be confused with ABC-TV's lusty horndog Bob the Bachelor is the infinitely handier if less-handsome Bob the Builder, title character of the animated television series on Nick Jr. and star of wildly successful videos like Bob's White Christmas and Celebrate with Bob. The hard-hatted he-man will bring his can-do construction crew -- including machines named Lofty, Roley, Dizzy, Muck, and Scoop -- to sing and dance at the University of Miami Convocation Center (1245 Walsh Ave., Coral Gables) during several presentations of Bob the Builder Live! today and tomorrow. If only Miami's beleaguered Performing Arts Center were complete, Bob could be playing there. On second thought, maybe they could use his help about now? Tickets range from $11 to $31. Call 305-284-8686. -- By Nina Korman

Brain Ball

Procrastinators get a push

TUE 11/18

So your kid spends hours on his Game Boy and precious few minutes on spelling drills? It's no secret, he hates homework as most kids do. Still that's no excuse. Your offspring isn't going to make it to law school playing video games. So what do you do to switch his behavior and actually "like" his schoolwork? Beats us, but education specialist Margaret Kovacs may have an answer. Kovacs says the first step is diagnosing the problem. It could be simple laziness, or else it could be the big LD -- a learning disability. Kovacs will be assisting anxious parents in a seminar, Homework Strategies for Reluctant Learners. The program starts at 7:00 p.m. at Baptist Children's Hospital, 8900 N. Kendall Dr. Registration costs $5. Call 786-596-3812. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Shoe In

FRI 11/14

If Cinderella were Sex and the City's Carrie, she wouldn't be waiting around for some prince to bring her Manolo Blahniks back. The ultra-independent gal wouldn't be losing them in the first place! Who knows what footwear -- a glass slipper, a hiking boot, a Converse All-Star -- will show up when Fantasy Theatre Factory offers its rendition of Cinderella: A Fractured Fairy Tale at 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. at the Miami Shores Performing Arts Theatre (9806 NE 2nd Ave.). Let's just hope if it fits, someone will wear it. Tickets cost $5. Call 305-284-8800 to reserve. -- By Nina Korman


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