Esteban Cortazar Leaves Ungaro: Blame Lindsay Lohan?

While most teenagers who grew up on South Beach were busy trying to procure a passable fake ID, Esteban Cortazar was busy working on his own fashion line. At the tender age of 13, he passed along sketches to designer Todd Oldham at the News Cafe and has worked in fashion ever since. He became the youngest designer to show at Miami Interenational Fashion Week, and then he began showing in New York. 

At only 23, he was appointed head designer of Paris fashion house Emanuel Ungaro. But all was not well in the relationship. Cortazar was apparently livid when the company reportedly tried to hire Lindsay Lohan as a celebrity consultant, and now it appears he's out

We have a feeling Cortazar will land on his feet. We're not so sure about the troubled Ungaro house, though. And as for Lohan, well...


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