Enter Kitchen Stadium

Iron Chef is a rare breed of TV program. The stylized Japanese cooking competition made its debut in 1993 and has since revolutionized food preparation. C’mon, you know when you’re slicing and dicing in the privacy of your kitchen, you’re envisioning a panel of rapt judges and a soundtrack of dramatic synthesizers. Battle — boneless chicken! Good news for fans of competitive cooking: The fun doesn’t end when you click off the TV set, at least not this Thursday. We at Miami New Times are proud to present our first annual Iron Fork event, where local chefs show off their skills in a culinary fight to the finish. Competition will be stiff when eight of the city’s most popular pros face off at the Miami Science Museum.

Forte di Asprinio, Mark Liberman, Courtney Burks, Bruce Feingold, and chefs from The Capital Grille and Dada Restaurant & Lounge will duke it out while the likes of Allen Susser and Clay Conley employ their best culinary judgment. The winning chef will receive the Golden Fork award, which comes with a year’s worth of bragging rights. This bash won’t be all about watching grown folks chop veggies and braise meats, though; there’ll be cocktails aplenty, food samplings, the ever-popular Planetarium Light Show (set to the Corteo music by Cirque du Soleil, to whet your appetite for the troupe’s upcoming show), and lots of live music to get the party poppin’. Tickets cost $20 in advance, $25 at the door; visit www.newtimesironfork.com for yours.
Thu., Oct. 30, 2008


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