Emma in the Tropics

Emma Trelles is the best South Florida poet under the age of 40. Join her at Books & Books this Saturday when she celebrates the release of her second collection of poetry, Tropicalia. Hey, releasing a book is a major event, comparable only to the birthing of a child. It’s a beautiful thing. Her new poetry collection promises to contribute, explore, reflect, and define the local Zeitgeist. The title borrows its name from the Brazilian art movement of the late ’60s, a scene that emphasized a vibrant blend of styles and genres, most strongly reflected in music. And we all know there is no city in the world with more style and diversity than Miami. Trelles, who long ago was a New Times staffer, writes, “Beauty is better felt than seen,” and that might be true. However, in this case, come out and see this beauty in person.
Sat., April 9, 8 p.m., 2011


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