Electro Cumbia

Through years of enjoying Locos por Juana's funky reggae-cumbia fusion, perhaps you've sometimes wondered, "Hey, what do you suppose they would sound like if they crossed over to the electro scene?" Sounds pretty intriguing, no?

Well, whether or not you've previously thought about it, your curiosity can quickly be sated. Locos por Juana's side project, Afro-Kumbé, has been in the works for months. The same main cats from LPJ (Itagui, Mark, and Lakambra) have been blending their native Colombia's most dance-inducing sounds with electronica. The guys, who are at times joined onstage by the occasional guest rapper or musician, present multi-instrumental jams and infectious chanting — the same energy that's made Locos por Juana a fan favorite for years, only in a whole new packaging. Come hear cumbia and champeta get an electro makeover.
Wed., May 5, 11 p.m.; Wed., May 26, 11 p.m.; Wed., June 2, 11 p.m., 2010


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