Electric Youth

As if the crazy kids of today didn't have enough problems, they're also mostly film illiterate. It’s heartbreaking. Take, for instance, the YouTube video we just watched of two teenage brothers attempting kick flips over a kiddie pool filled with KY jelly while wearing their older sister's thongs on their heads. Sure, the part where the sister comes out and slugs them is a nice resolution, but they crossed the axis of action, like, three times; their editing is completely disorienting; and the characters seem a little one-dimensional. Of course, these problems seem kind of silly when you realize youngsters these days are joining gangs, scheming plots to score drugs, or entering high school pregnancy pacts.

The South Florida Film Festival aims to cure both types of problems at once. The event kicks off at noon at the Mayfair Hotel (3000 Florida Ave., Coconut Grove) and will include panels discussing topics such as media violence, and kids’ workshops in subjects such as screenwriting. There will also be a film industry expo from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Later in the week, at CocoWalk, the fest will feature movies by young local filmmakers. Screenings are scheduled Thursday through Saturday, with an awards ceremony set for Saturday night at 8 at the Gusman Center. For more information, visit www.mysouthfloridafilmfestival.com.
July 16-20, 2008


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