El Malentendido at the Arsht Center through July 24

Since its inception, the International Hispanic Theatre Festival has evolved into an internationally recognized, multilingual, multiethnic cultural event and is the only theater festival of its kind in the United States. Teatro Avante, which runs the event, has made it a priority to focus each year's festivities on the artistic element of Latin American plays while exposing the city to a diverse collection of productions from various nations and cultures. Among them is the Spanish-language version of Albert Camus's The Misunderstanding, which will close out this year's IHTF festivities. Directed by Mario Ernesto Sanchez and performed with English supertitles, El Malentendido is a dark and existential tale of a man who returns home after many years of living overseas. He expects a tearful and emotional reunion with his mother and sister; instead he discovers they have been making a living by taking in lodgers and murdering them for their money.


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