Either Way, You Win

Some things are obvious. Sixteen is sweet, love is blind, and Wine Is Fun ... Period! Tonight at Bizcaya Restaurant, chef de cuisine Jason Schneider and sommelier Jeffrey Galloway will host their monthly wine/dinner series, a dinner party that will change everything you thought you knew about eating out. Your hosts will present you with a gourmet five-course meal matched with accompanying wines, and with each course a playing card that could win you a prize if you wind up with the winning hand.

“We’ve specifically created this so guests let their hair down, have a relaxed evening with friends, enjoy the company of the chef and sommelier who join them for dinner, and have additional fun playing five-card stud poker with each course,” said Michelle Payer, area director of public relations. Space is limited to fourteen guests, which further enhances the intimacy of the night and allows each diner to fully engage and enjoy the chef, sommelier, and delicious meal. The experience costs $80 per person, which includes valet parking. Call 305-644-4680 for reservations.
Thu., June 28


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