Eight Best Places to Go Stoned in Miami

Eight Best Places to Go Stoned in Miami
Photo by Yesenia Hernandez

There's been a lot of talk about weed lately. The whole state of Florida is alive with the promise of legal medical bud. We drive past billboards that just say "marijuana" like every day, and we couldn't be more stoked about it.

We've had plenty of practice, so when the vote comes in November followed by hopeful victory, we know just where to go to celebrate. If you're celebrating early in anticipation, consider heading over to one of these highly-enjoyable destinations. We tested them. They're good.

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Eight Best Places to Go Stoned in Miami

8. Coral Castle

When you're high, things that are normally slightly impressive become astronomically intriguing. Take, for instance, Coral Castle. It really is a feat to turn a big rock into a monument of unrequited love, but to those in their right mind, it's just kind of interesting for a minute, and then maybe it loses its wonder. Smoke a big fat doobie before hitting the site, and you'll wander its prehistoric walls for hours as you try to understand just how such an accomplishment came to be, and what made that little girl leave her fiancé on their wedding day?

Eight Best Places to Go Stoned in Miami

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7. Magic City Casino

You know that scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where Johnny Depp's character starts freaking out about giant lizards in the casino? This is going to be like that, except no lizards. Actually, you'll be just fine, but there will be tons of lights and sounds and fun ways to lose all your money, if you're into that sort of thing. The Casino is always bringing old favorite rock bands and rap stars to the stage, as well, and there's more than enough casino noms to go around.

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