Egypt Flick

Ahmad Abdalla's Microphone tells the tale of Khaled (Abol Naga), an Egyptian expat who returns home after years abroad and discovers the underground art and music scene that has gallantly emerged in Alexandria. The film explores Khaled's frustrated attempts to produce a concert featuring the talented rappers, rock bands, graffiti artists and filmmakers he's befriended since returning home. An oppressive government, religion and ingrained antiquated thinking clash with the artists, who simply and freely wish to express their art and be heard. Khaled's plight and each of the artists' stories are dramatically told with handheld shots and documentary-style angles that give the film a rich composition. Microphone is an exceptional film that highlights a people's defiance through music and art and features an amazing Arabic-rock and rap soundtrack.
Fri., March 4, 10 p.m., 2011


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