Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them at New Theatre through October 30

After the death of their mother, young Edith and big brother Kenny are abandoned by their aloof, unloving doctor father and left to fend for themselves on an empty farm in the rural Midwest. The two must survive without adult supervision in their isolated little world. Edith finds comfort in a toy frog and in her skills with an air rifle. Kenny's friend Benji joins them, and the three become something of a makeshift family, relying on each other's friendship, love, and trust to hide from the pressures of society. But when Benji's mother discovers his relationship with Kenny is not platonic, and when Edith unloads her gun on something she shouldn't have shot, the outside world caves in on the three and forces them to face the pains of growing up too soon. Playwright A. Rey Pamatmat's stirring story of family, love, and loss tackles the entanglements of youth while painting a poignant portrait of three deeply complex characters growing up in a complicated world.


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