Dump Dub City

Admit it — a knock-down, drag-out battle royal gets your bloodlust boiling. And when you add wheels to that hip-checking and shoulder-slamming, even better. So indulge your barbarous desires with a night out in support of Miami’s flat-track derby team, the Vice City Rollers. This conglomeration of chicks on wheels will go skate-to-skate against the Dub City Roller Girls, belles of the brawl visiting from West Palm Beach in their second game of the season. Founded in 2011, our hometown team is bringing kickass back to South Florida and helping local charities to boot. Derby newbies can learn the ropes (or rather, the ring) and watch these femmes power-jam their way to victory. If you’re seriously masochistic, consider “suicide seating.” These ringside hot spots mean you might get body-slammed by a derby chick. Not a bad way to score a bruise or two. Tailgating is encouraged, so pack provisions and get ready for a rumble. The toughest broads in Miami are rolling your way.
Sat., June 16, 7 p.m., 2012


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