Dueling Banjos Behind the Outhouse

Greynolds Park could make McGruff the Crime Dog blush. Known by locals for its restroom glory holes and sexual-predator warning signs, the park has been hosting hippie love-ins and bluegrass festivals to fight that image. For connoisseurs, the idea of a bluegrass festival will conjure up images of Del McCoury or the Pinnacle Boys, while others might picture that squeal-like-a-pig scene from Deliverance. Regardless, put some lipstick on that pig and head to the South Florida Bluegrass Association Show and Jam this Sunday. Bring a lawn chair, and stick a brewski in that claw hammer.

The New River Boys will provide the jams, but all concertgoers are encouraged to bring their fiddles, jugs, and washbasin basses so they can jam with other bluegrass-loving folks. Greynolds Park's torrid reputation aside, this is a free family event, much more O Brother, Where Art Thou? than Deliverance. Get your soggy bottom in gear and feel the twang.
Sun., Feb. 7, 12:30 p.m., 2010


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