Driven to Misdeed

Back in the day, we yanked the catalytic converter out of our gas-guzzling Pontiac for extra horsepower. And every time we drive past a pack of those silly, bicycle-riding hippies, we’re glad they’re inhaling our fumes at the most noxious level of toxicity. We love driving, we love driving fast, and we love fueling up with petrol. Too bad our days are numbered and the automotive industry is working against us to produce hybrid, fuel-efficient, and (blech) environmentally friendly vehicles. Find out about the latest trends in engineering with the newest cars to hit the market at the South Florida International Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center . Celebrating its 40th year, the auto show is always on the cutting edge of what’s hot. This year’s main attractions include a Green Way for Earth, an off-road course for 2011 Jeeps; the all-new, urban, culture-oriented Miami Street Rides exhibition; and Jaguar test-drives outside the convention center.
Nov. 5-14, 5 p.m., 2010


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