Drink, Drink, and Be Merry

Always in search of a fabulous party at which to show off his two dollar vintage shirts, Thomas Barker, the giddy man about town behind Muse Entertainment, has clued us in to a new Wednesday night event at 510 Ocean . “The night is definitely set to be a hot one, with party promoter Lyndon Smith bringing a gorgeous crowd of the young and fabulous,” says Barker. The turntables will be manned by restaurant co owner Bryan Davis, who will spin a mix of funk, hip hop, reggae, and even some electro clash for you to groove to as you nosh on tasty nibbles and sip seductively silky Palm vodka cocktails. “I’ve never tasted anything as smooth,” gushes Barker, who has been known to swill his share of martinis. The colorful cocktail of the evening is the 510 Ocean Water, a delicious apple martini with fresh Granny Smith apple juice, blue Curaçao, apple liqueur, and Palm vodka. This pretty blue beverage will be free between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. and available for a discounted price from 9:00 until closing. Call 305-531-1778, or visit www.fivetenocean.com.
Wednesdays, 2006


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