Don’t Make Us Drop the F-Bomb

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has never been a barometer for the popularity of films in America. The apparently whimsical vicissitudes of Oscar have become something of a joke among Hollywood artists, who always claim that it’s an honor just to be nominated even if they really should have won. But there’s one contemporary director who should have a real beef with the Academy. If Martin Scorsese was anything like some of his finest films, Oscar would have gotten a bullet in the back of his golden head back in 1980, when the the beloved, bushy-eyebrowed director won his first nomination for Raging Bull. With five Best Director nods and nary a victory, Scorsese is to the Academy Awards what Susan Lucci was to the daytime Emmys. But even Lucci eventually got her due. For Scorsese, the joke carries on. Here’s hoping that The Departed finally gets the auteur a win.

Miami Beach Cinematheque owner Dana Keith agrees. “Mr. Mean Streets may very likely finally be a bride and not just a bridesmaid,” he says. “He just won the Director’s Guild award, which is a good barometer of who will take Oscar. He’d better win!” In anticipation and homage, the Cinematheque is presenting a month of Scorsese films. Tonight’s offering is every rapper’s second-favorite film, Goodfellas>/I>. En route to your seat, check out the 80 Years of Oscar Programmes exhibition in the lobby.
Fri., Feb. 16, 8:30 p.m.


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