Don’t Forget the Orange

Does your Passover tradition include renting The Ten Commandments, nibbling on popcorn, and guzzling Manischewitz? Why not try something less mainstream this year? The Chabad in South Beach welcomes all to a Pesach Seder (that’s Passover dinner for you goyim out there). Although Passover recollects a solemn time for Israelites, it also celebrates the Exodus from slavery and the beginnings of the Jewish nation. The traditional dinner is a history lesson from beginning to end. Songs, stories, and even food are laden with symbolism (if not leavening) that recalls the trek of the ancient Hebrews from Egypt to the Promised Land (not the Miami Beach one — that comes much later). The bitter herbs are served tonight and tomorrow at 8:15 p.m. in the Chabad room at the Mirador. Tickets cost $40 per person, $60 for both Seders. Reservations are required. Call 786-264-1111, or visit
April 13-14


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