Dino Rock

FRI 2/6

Not since Prince has an artist embraced the color purple. But Barney, that cuddly singing and dancing dinosaur, has an excuse for his purple power: He was born with it. Barney's Colorful World Tour is taking the country by storm. In fact the show's producers have been responsible for some of the coolest rock and roll concerts, including the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and U2. Perhaps we'll be treated to a cameo appearance by Mick Jagger on Big B's signature "I Love You/You Love Me" song. There have been reports of Mick and Barney hanging around in New York clubs picking up models together. We can only hope. Barney's Colorful World starts at 7:00 tonight and runs through Sunday, February 8, at the University of Miami Convocation Center, 1245 Walsh Ave. Tickets cost $10 to $30. Call 305-284-8686. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Teen Art Scene

SUN 2/8

Some parents might disagree that kids belong in fine art museums. The Museum of Contemporary Art (770 NE 125th St., North Miami) thinks so. Its Teen Day, taking place at 1:00, presents an engaging atmosphere so youngsters can activate the creative parts of their brains. Inka Essenhigh, one of three artists featured in ongoing exhibitions, will lead a tour through the museum. Her surrealistic paintings of imaginary, sometimes cartoonish beings are perfectly understandable to young and old. Workshops also will give teens hands-on encouragement. Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights' Nick Wolfe will explain the artistry involved in creating ghoulish makeup. Marlon Moore of Mantra will demonstrate the art of percussion while FIU's Helen Burgos will teach how to draw large-scale mutants and monsters. Other activities include dance, gymnastics, caricature, and henna painting. Admission is free. Call 305-893-6211. -- By Margaret Griffis

Candid Kids

See you, leader

SAT 2/7

If you were a kid, what would you tell the president of the United States? Well, if you're a perceptive little bugger, you'd say: "Get the heck out of ..." Uh, sorry, don't get us started. Find out what's on the minds of the massive budget deficit's inheritors by hustling over to the Miami Senior High School Theater (2450 SW 1st St.) at 7:30 p.m. for a screening of Dear Mr. President. The documentary filmed at the school features 84 youngsters holding forth on important topics like freedom and leadership, not Yu-Gi-Oh! and Bratz. Admission is free. Call 305-469-4751. -- By Nina Korman


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