Dinner Party, You Say?

Many epic dinner parties have come and gone in the Miami-Dade area. In 1997, there was Ricky Diocis's eighth birthday party at the North Miami McDonald's, resulting in an uncontrollable mutant strain of chicken pox in the PlayPlace. In 2003, Trick Daddy was wed to his longtime girlfriend at a lavish ceremony and reception. Allegations of polygamy swirled because Trick was already self-professed to be "married to the streets." And now a new dinner party, Taste of the Garden, looms on the horizon this Wednesday at Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Although it's somewhat safe to assume there will be no pox or T Double D at this party, who knows what could happen around fine cuisine and beautiful horticulture? Perhaps someone could get a little tipsy and try to feed the plants escargots. Food will be provided by some of South Florida's finest gastric establishments, alongside live music, fine wines, an auction, and free valet parking. Your epic dinner party awaits.
Wed., Jan. 27, 6:30 p.m., 2010


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