Did We Say Little? We Meant Big.

If you’re one of the two people who still haven’t checked out the Vagabond, this weekend is the time to hit up the downtown venue. Why? Because Saturday-night host Back Door Bamby will bring in the heavy hitter of house, Little Louie Vega, for a night called Dance Ritual.

Vega is known for bringing house to a wider audience, but if you’re still a little hesitant, don’t worry. Resident DJs Ryan Evans and Ray Milian will kick off the event with some funk and disco; Carmel Ophir will keep the underground crowds jamming with his mix of rock, psychedelic, and soul; and DJ A-Train will keep the night owls up with the funk.

And for everybody who thinks it’s cool to only end the evening at the Vag, think again. Start this Saturday night off right and get to the doors at 10 p.m., when they open, and head straight to the bar for your complimentary Belvedere vodka, free flowing until 11.
Sat., Nov. 28, 10 p.m., 2009


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