Did Fox News Distort the Message by Calling Above's Hanged Banker in Miami 'Sick'?

Fox News is appalled by politically-charged art influenced by the current economic crisis plaguing our country. At least that's the vibe we got after stumbling upon a regurgitated "culture" story on Fox Nation.

A day after New Times broke the story about street artist Above's hanging banker, Fox figured they'd shit on art and  call it "sick." Under the headline--"This Is NOT Art ... It Is Sick"--the "fair and balanced" news blog slapped a cropped photo of Above's work -- focusing in on just the noose (see after the jump) -- and ran a poorly written teaser of Daily Mail's Meghan Keneally's story on protest art.

Do you think Fox distorted the message by cropping the photo? Take our poll after the jump.

Message cropped by Fox
Message cropped by Fox
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