Dharma111's "Funk-Dark" Duds
Photography by Pamela Wasabi

Dharma111's "Funk-Dark" Duds

Fashion Breakdown: Adidas long sleeve shirt bought in Tokyo, patched pants co-designed with girlfriend, Alife shoes from Barnes in New York, ;messenger hat from Bates, cyber mask-mic (with blinking lights) from Cyber Cog in London.

Name: Dharma111
Occupation: Drummer at organicArma
Describe your style in three words: Contrarian, timeless, funk-dark.
Alter ego? I have multiple personalities, so several alter-egos.

Dharma111's "Funk-Dark" Duds

Dharma111's "Funk-Dark" Duds
Dharma111's "Funk-Dark" Duds

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