Democats and Republicrans

In a politically divided city like Miami, few among us share the same definitive vision of political terror. Whether it’s four more years of Dubya’s gaffes, a successful campaign by Hillary Clinton, or a night-vision video starring Mark Foley and Dennis Hastert – shudder -- the creative minds at the Wallflower Gallery are offering a spin on the traditional Halloween house of horror. Your Worst Political Nightmare promises to be a ballsy multimedia showcase orchestrated by the Wallflower’s resident curator, Flash, together with members of the Miami-Dade Green Party. “The idea is to take social issues and provide a forum for expression. We’re blurring the line between comedy, politics, and reality,” explains Flash. Culture lovers should expect a range of absurdist dramatic and comedic scenes that will riff on topics ranging from national issues like the war in Iraq, immigration, gay marriage, and FEMA, to local hot buttons like the ongoing blue-tarp saga hanging over the heads of so many impoverished Miamians, and the apparent dearth of activism in South Florida. Talented West Palm Beach band Sound Proof will make its local debut, performing what Flash describes as “good world-beat jam rock.” Admission costs five dollars. Call 305-579-0069, and visit
Sat., Oct. 28


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