Def Jam Millions

Some people say you can never be too rich or too thin. Russell Simmons may not have the tiniest waist, but he certainly has one of the fattest wallets. But Simmons values more than just cash in his pocket. He’s also a highly spiritual dude. Following his first book, Do You! (conveniently also the Jersey Shore cast’s mantra), he published the recent and appropriately titled Super Rich. OK, Russell, we get it: You’re super rich. Luckily, the Def Jam cofounder and creator of Phat Farm is generously willing to share his wisdom with the world. Super Rich, which was written with Chris Morrow, includes personal stories and spiritual philosophies that just might hook you up with a larger income. A practitioner of transcendental meditation, Simmons’s messages include “do what makes you happy” and “true wealth isn’t just the balance of your bank account.” Easy for him to say, with his net worth of $340 million. Simmons is not just a Daddy Warbucks, though, he’s also a generous philanthropist who has donated money to assist those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Simmons will be signing copies of Super Rich at Books & Books.
Wed., Jan. 26, 8 p.m., 2011


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