Deep Blue Something

Ever since Steve Zissou and crew dived into the deep to track down that jaguar shark, you’ve been enchanted by the idea of underwater exploration. But aside from years of schooling or a Navy enlistment, it’s difficult to score a spot on a working submarine. Luckily, you can catch see one such sub at the Miami Science Museum (3280 S. Miami Ave., Miami). The 35-foot S101 vessel now in residence at MiaSci was provided through a partnership with the OceanGate Foundation and is one of the earliest diesel-electric sub models. This one was constructed in England in 1987 and has lived its life like a nomad. Since its creation, the underwater craft has been tested by the Swedish navy, owned by an environmental group that painted it like an orca to chase whales away from hunters, and purchased by a private owner who took it down 35 times while exploring Lake Washington and Puget Sound.
Aug. 5-12, 2012


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