Deco Retrospective

Is there anything more romantic than old Miami Beach — the hotels, mobsters, celebrities, and of course the swimsuits that covered more skin than modern-day wedding dresses? No question, the Beach is still charming, but imagine if the city had enforced a strict height limit on buildings, retaining that sense of a glamorous village-by-the-sea?

Those days aren't over if you're at Books & Books this Tuesday at 7 p.m., when local historian and author Seth H. Bramson will read from his newest book, Sunshine, Stone Crabs, and Cheesecake: The Story of Miami Beach. In this, his 12th historical tome about Dade County, Bramson expertly tells the story of a little sandbar's journey from untouched wilderness in 1870 to its present incarnation as one of the most famous destinations on Earth. The book also boasts more than 200 vintage photographs, some of which have never been seen before.
Tue., Sept. 15, 7 p.m., 2009


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