Declaration Dancing

The Tea Party is not the only entity obsessed with our Revolutionary War days. Dancer, performance artist, and choreographer Dayna Hanson is too, in her latest work, the combination rock musical/dance performance/history lesson Gloria’s Cause. But her take is a little darker and less enthusiastic than that of the musket-carrying Tea Party supporters. The Seattle-based provocateur is inaugurating Miami Light Project’s season with her strange and fascinating mixture of dance, music, video, and good ol’ American apple pie. Hanson conjures up characters from the War of Independence who not only do things like sign that particular declaration but who also reveal that the roots of much of today’s inequities were also “founded” then. The rocku-docu-dance drama is meant to both elicit laughs and provoke commentary that is not easy to categorize — just the type of stuff in which Miami Light specializes.
Dec. 7-9, 8 p.m., 2012


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