Deathtrap at Miami Beach Stage Door Theatre Through July 1

Ira Levin's devilishly clever thrill ride, Deathtrap, tells the story of Sidney Bruhi, a once successful and inspired playwright who becomes plagued by writer's block after his last production is a critical and commercial flop. But when he reads a script by a talented up-and-coming playwright, the desperate Sidney hatches a plan to not only steal the young man's work and pass it off as his own, but also murder the poor guy. As with any plagiarism-murder scheme, though, things don't go as smoothly as planned, and after Sidney thinks his plot is in the bag, matters get really crazy. Featuring irredeemably conniving characters and filled with more plot twists than a Hitchcock flick, Deathtrap is a fun, sinister, and cleverly written play-within-a-play that examines the darkness of man and the lengths we'll go to when we lose touch with our morality and allow desperation to take over.


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