Death Collector

You know what would go great above the sofa? A piece of art. But you can’t just grab any old artwork and pop it into a frame. This thing’s gotta be special. So we’re thinking a 79-by-64-inch crayon drawing of a young male snuff victim. Imagine it: a giant Crayola-on-cotton-paper picture of some good-looking, recently suffocated guy wearing lipstick and a beautifully shocked expression, permanently ensconced in the living room. Perfect, right? Luckily, there are six on sale right now at Spinello Gallery as part of Dead Dads Club Corp.’s debut exhibition, “The Final Performance,” running through April 3. Buy early, though, because if president and CEO Scott Shannon has his way, the D.D.C.C. will soon be the “most elite provider of XXXL Crayola crayon images of... suffocating heads around.” And that’ll mean a price increase.
March 19-April 4, 2010


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