Dead Poets’ Society

Know what, Robin Williams? Your teaching methods are a joke. You think just because you convinced a bunch of impressionable prep school boys to seize the day by standing on their desks and pissing off their parents, that you actually imparted any wisdom about the art of poetry? And what was all that “O Captain, My Captain” nonsense, other than an ego boost for your own trampled psyche? Miami lit lovers can name more dead poets than you any day of the week. And they can dress like them too. At the Poetry Is Dead parade Saturday, part of the monthlong O, Miami poetry festival, revelers will act out a funeral procession in reverse. Starting at the Betsy South Beach (1440 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach) and marching south along the ocean wearing their most convincing Plath, Emerson, and Hughes costumes, parade participants will effectively resuscitate their favorite writers, if only in spirit. More like Undead Poets’ Society, you dig?
Sat., April 27, noon, 2013


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