Dave Chappelle as Antoine Dodson and Other Celebs We Think Should Play Viral Stars

According to the Sun, Glenn "Bunny Boiler" Close has apparently beat out Catherine Zeta Jones and Robin Williams (who apparently loves dressing in drag and speaking in a British accent) for one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood -- Susan Boyle.

Frumpy, caterpillar-eye-browed, Pebbles-the-cat-loving Susan Boyle rose to international fame in 2009 when a video of her as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent was uploaded onto YouTube making her a viral video phenomenon, a household name, and worth an estimated $16.5 million.

And in honor of Boyle's biopic, we've chosen 10 other actors we feel would be perfectly suited to play some other noteworthy viral superstars. Not that Hollywood has ever asked us for our preference or anything.

1. Kim Kardashian as Spaghetti Cat
Have you seen her face lately? Plus, Spaghetti Cat and Kim have the same exact talent -- the ability to become famous for doing absolutely nothing.

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2.  Emmanuel Lewis (AKA Webster) as Latarian Milton
Milton was 7 years old when he stole his grandmother's car and Lewis

is eternally 7, so who better to play the role? No one! Plus, who

doesn't want to see Webster "do hood rat stuff"? Okay, maybe not the

Papadopolises, but, we sure do!

3. James Gandolfini as the Crying Rainbow Dude
Just to see Tony Soprano play a hippie and cry over a rainbow. Need we say more?

4. Dakota Fanning as Chris "Leave Britney Alone!" Crocker
Fanning is a talented young actress who has proved on several occasions

that she knows how to cry on command. And despite  a really awkward

tween phase, Fanningi's pretty, tiny, and really fem. So is Crocker!

5. Dave Chappelle as Antoine Dodson
Chappelle can master the fine art of imitating Rick James and Prince,

we'd love to see what he'd do with Dodson, or rather, we'd love to see

Dave Chappelle period. Come back Dave, we miss you! You can intrude our

beds anytime...just so long as your funny.

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