Darling Nikki

During the late Nineties, identity clip artist Nikki S. Lee earned herself a spot on the art world’s most wanted list with snapshots in which she flimflammed her way into other people’s lives. In her celebrated “Projects” series, the artist skulked along the boundaries of truth and fiction, disguising herself as a drag queen, senior citizen, skateboarder, and Latino woman to drop a dime on social and ethnic stereotypes.

More recently her presentation “Parts” featured Lee in different settings with a male partner, cropped so only a trace of his presence remained, as an exploration of how romance affects identity. Tonight the Museum of Contemporary Art, screens a.k.a Nikki S. Lee, her documentary style film depicting two faces of Lee — one a milquetoast academic, the other a social butterfly. Afterward the crafty cultural chameleon will field questions about her work.
Thu., April 12, 7:30 p.m.


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