Daring in the Jungle

We’re betting you’re so over this month’s inundation of lovey-dovey drivel. Screw the mushy stuff — this Sunday, you and your significant other can put your relationship to a real test with the Amazing Race-esque Urban Dare. This intellectually challenging competition involves clues, call-a-friends, and checkpoints that’ll keep you and your partner on those cute little toes. There’ll be multiple-choice questions, photo ops, and — best of all — dares that’ll help you get from one checkpoint to another. Think hitting a bull’s-eye, climbing a wall, or solving a puzzle. Bring a cell phone and a camera (two-in-one works) and the phone number of a friend who’s smarter than you. Once you answer a few questions, the crew will send you on your way armed only with clue sheets and your own cunning. If you and your love have half a brain put together, it shouldn’t take more than four hours. Check-in begins at 11 a.m., and the race starts at noon at Lummus Park, near Ocean Drive at Eighth Street in South Beach. Tickets cost $45 for a two-person team, $120 for a three-person family team, and $160 for a four-person family team (family teams must include a member under 16). Visit urbandare.com.
Sun., Feb. 16, 11 a.m., 2014


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