Danny, Sing Us a Tune

The puff paint on his Christian Audigier hat glistens under the sexy lighting at Red Room, and the crowd is transfixed by his drunken confidence. His boyish grin suggests he might sing a little Enrique, but his spiky hair disagrees and makes the crowd think he’ll choose ’N Sync. Yeah, definitely ’N Sync. He licks his lips, ready to give onlookers the show that his bathroom mirror is sick of watching, and then: “All right — stop, collaborate, and listen. Ice is back with my brand-new invention.” It’s karaoke hell for the sober, but if it’s done right, you’ll be singing along before Mr. Spikyhair Ice gets to the chorus. SoBe’s newest place for live, amateur crooning is Beauty and the Beats, TAI Entertainment’s partnership with Michael Madd and the latest nightlife offering trying to pry you away from yet another Law & Order marathon. Each Sunday beginning at 10 p.m., beautiful people will converge upon the mike, and a few pros will swing through to show us how it’s done. It’s a secret as to who will actually show up, but we’ll trust Tommy Pooch’s, Michael Madd’s, and Alan Roth’s Rolodexes if you will. Call 786-276-6772 or email skybarreservations@morganshotelgroup.com for table reservations.
Sundays, 2009


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