Dangerous Lily

A lily of the valley is fragrant, beautiful, and delicate. Also, it might send you into cardiac arrest as you violently vomit your brains out if you ingest one of its adorable little berries. It’s an apt nom de plume for Lily Tomlin, the 72-year-old Tony-, Emmy-, and Grammy-winning feminist lesbian comedienne who has satirized prudish women and societal expectations, dressed up in male drag in the ’80s, turned down a lucrative offer to appear in AT&T commercials to protect her artistic integrity, and flicked off I Heart Huckabees director David Russell in an obscenity-laden creative fight that made its rounds on YouTube. She laughed off that last incident in a 2007 New Times interview, saying, “I don’t have to keep up some great pretension I’m the most dignified, eloquent, elegant, perfect, smart-thinking, kind, generous person... after poor Britney Spears, with her poor little legs open... I’m not the least bit upset about it.”
Sun., May 6, 7:30 p.m., 2012


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